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14 Day Aura Cleansing

14 Day Aura Cleansing

A delightful bath is offering an easy way to relax & cleanse your aura of negative energy.

Throughout our day, we come into contact with many different people and environments. Everyone and everything has its own energy vibration. Some of this energy has a high frequency or positive vibration, whereas others may have a very low or negative vibration.

Because our own energy field is constantly taking in and giving out vibrations, the surrounding energies that we come into contact with will affect our own energy.

Our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, but sometimes the negative energies we encounter can linger and accumulate over time.

This is where a cleansing bath can provide a wonderful way to cleanse your aura and increase your health and vitality.

It's impossible to completely avoid all things that have a negative impact upon our auras, and our modern lifestyles are making it more difficult for our energy system to rebalance itself.

Therefore, regular aura cleansing is a good practice to adopt. There are many ways you can cleanse your aura, but a cleansing bath is the easiest way💕, relaxing and you can do it yourself.

All cleansing Bath packages are made from natural ingredients, containing natural oils, bath salts, herbs 🌿 , & flowers 🌺.

Each package is personalized to fit each individuals spiritual needs!

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